Robert Charlemagne Salsa Dance instructor / choreographer

It's not what you do but the way how you do it.

Robert Charlemagne

Robert Charlemagne Started teaching in 1992, combining his knowledge from a professional contemporary, jazz background with a mix of New York, Cuban and L.A. style to create a funky fresh new look to Salsa. First teachers were Xiomra and Nelson Batista, and many other teachers around the world after. Starting out with a class of five pupils at the University College of London as a paid teacher working one day a week, classes soon grew and word spread’ In 1993, Robert entered the UK Salsa competition and came second two years in a row. He then went on to enter the European Salsa Competition in Copenhagen, representing the UK. This is where he realized there is more to Salsa dancing then just moves, and that the way moves wear executed meant a whole lot more. Returning to London a complete Salsa junkie, armed with new moves picked up from experienced dancers and dance teachers from all over the world, Robert became a unique Salsa teacher. Robert has traveled to Greece, Hong Kong, Oslo, France, Gambia, Washington, Bangkok, Holland, Italy and Sweden, (to name a few), teaching workshops around the world. 1994 Represented the UK as a judge in the Rome Salsa Dance Competition 1998 & 1999 Represented the UK at the European Salsa Festival in Holland 1999 Represented the UK in the Washington Salsa Festival, and many others. In 1998 became a member of the United Kingdom Alliance ( U.K.A.) Salsa Division.

Robert is now considered one of the leading Salsa teachers in the UK, and September 1999 won an award for best teacher in the UK

2002 UK Salsa Congress, Top teacher award.
2003 Norwegian Salsa Congress, Life Time Contribution Award.
2009 Sexy Latin Dance Festival Special Teachers Award.
2010 Salsa Central Top UK Salsa teacher award

Eastenders Children in need 2013

Eastenders Children in need 2013







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Has worked on the movie Cuban Fury 2012








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